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by Ajit Mishra - Wednesday, 24 May 2017, 7:46 PM
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Join Study has asked by its new users for a Short Demo Classes to understand about how this Online Tuition and Training Classes works. So we have decided to provide a  short Demo Classes to our all new users if they ask. To join our Demo Classes you have to submit the complete Registration Form which is attached herewith. If you feel trouble problem to complete the Registration Form you must write the details about your trouble in the comment section of this blog. You may also send message to admin. of this site or you may do direct chat with me (admin of this site) to resolve the issue.

Click Here to get Registration Form for Demo Classes.

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by Ajit Mishra - Friday, 12 May 2017, 3:43 PM
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All of my lessons and teaching videos are in English and most of them are for students of Logistics Management. But many of my students and followers are always always asking for lessons and teaching videos in Hindi. Now from today I have started posting my teaching videos and lessons in Hindi which is very useful for students of India. This is my first video lesson of Mathematics in Hindi language. If you will see any trouble or needs any improvement than sure tell me in the comment section. Also tell me about the topic which you need a video lesson. Please write all suggestion and needs in comment section of blog or on Youtube comment. 




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by Ajit Mishra - Monday, 24 April 2017, 6:33 PM
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Various quantitative models from the Operation Research Literature can be used to address the decision areas in Logistics.

  • Location models:- These models help in planning the optimal location of plant or warehouses, considering the inbound and outbound transportation costs and infrastructure cost at the locations. 
  • Allocation models:- These models help in optimally allocating commodities from sources to destinations in a multiple sources, multi destination environment. The costs consider for optimization are the production cost, transportation cost and warehousing.
  • Distribution network design models:- These models are usually comprehensive in nature deciding between a two, three or even four stage distribution network, location of warehouses and break bulk points and sometimes even the transport mode choice.
  • Inventory models:- Inventory models play a key role in Logistics Management. The inventories that are directly affected due to outbound logistics are 

  1. Finished Goods Inventory
  2. Pipeline Inventory
  3. Warehousing Inventory
  4. Retail Inventory

The typical cost trade-offs between inventory and other decisions in Logistics would be

  1. Inventory vs Transportation Costs
  2. Inventory vs Stock out Costs
  3. Inventory vs Spoilage and Materials Handling Costs

  • Routing models:- These models allow optimal routing on a transportation network from a given source to a destination. The simplest model is scales the Shortest Path Problem.

If you want to do more discussion about this topic the join our Online Classes of Logistics Management. Classes are clearly distributed as per the need of your's. You are welcome to enjoy Assignments, Workshop, Lessons and Forums are free of cost. You have to pay only for our one to one or group Online Tuition Classroom if you wish to join.

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by Ajit Mishra - Thursday, 6 April 2017, 4:21 PM
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Technology makes your study better and becomes a part of your daily study. Online Learning tech savvy study and very useful for today's students. There are lots of site available for online study. Some are providing online courses and lots are available for online tuition classes. Join Study is also providing online tuition classes and training classes. Beside our online classroom you have to use some other apps for support your online learning. You may use the following apps.

Always use these apps for your learning. These apps and websites will help you to organize your study and also make your connection with worlds top educators and teachers.

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by Ajit Mishra - Wednesday, 29 March 2017, 3:00 PM
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Join Study always trying to provide free educational and learning sources to its users, students and trainees. Apart of this we provide lots of videos of Lessons in all courses for our students, trainees and users. Users have to login to our moodlecloud site and join any related courses which they want to join. After enter in the course they will see all Lessons, Assignments, Discussions and Workshop which are free for all users. Users are also welcome to Live Chat with us for any inquiry, need , suggestion, support and ideas. Published fees in any course is only applicable if any user will join our Virtual Classroom for face to face online tuition classes.  If you are first time in our moodlecloud classroom the you have to Signup and create your profile here before avail any free service of Join Study.

Again an important request to all users, students and trainees that never upload any file here in this moodlecloud cloud site. You have to use Dropbox or Google Docs to create your file and post the public link of your file here in this site. Others are visit your file via your given public link. All Assignments and other files are in the Dropbox and Google drive, only links are pasted here, you have to complete the assignments and paste your link here. Lessons are from our Youtube Channels, You may also welcome to post the link of your youtube channel with good subject content.

Your support and ideas are really important for us to improve more and more free services for students, trainees and users. Always write your comment in the comment section of every post.

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by Ajit Mishra - Monday, 27 March 2017, 4:17 PM
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Due to big demand of students, trainees and users Join Study has launched our new moodle cloud tuition classes. This tuition classes is very easy to use but before you want to join our tuition classes you have to login our this moodle cloud tuition classes. After login and create your profile you are free to use our tuition classes. All activities in all courses accept virtual classroom are free for everyone. You have to pay only for our virtual classroom if you wish to join. The listed fees are only for virtual classes. 

   After create your login id and profile please wait for some time while we will add you to your course as per your choice. If you have any spacial choice for course please feel free to mail us or send your message to us via Live Chat. 

It is important for everyone that never upload any file here in this tuition classroom. You have to be create file on Dropbox or Google Drive then share your link here in the assignment or workshop in this classroom. We have our moodle cloud android app is also available for mobile.

  We always try to create more and more free services for our students, trainees and users. For this your support is needed. Please always share your ideas and thoughts to improve this site for free use. Please share your ideas on comments.

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