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A good result or productivity comes not only through hard working but it comes through smart working. In smart work you can say it is a balance of hard and soft work. It means if you and your staff will work together with a perfect skill, perfect time and will do your hard work for a definite goal sure you, your team and your staff will finish it with a great success and make a productive result for your company. These quick productive results will save your time and money both. These types of success chain makes your company more productive and also makes your staff member happy and energetic. You can use this energy of your staff in another project smartly and again get a good successful productive result. It will again improves productivity of your company and result makes happy & energetic to your staff. Again your staff will be ready for another project. This stepwise success of your staff will create a chain of success for your staff and chain of productivity of your company.

On other hand if your staff are not skilled with proper and updated skills then their work are useless. If your unskilled or improper skilled staff will work hard then they get most of the part result and your every project will lose success barriers. It means you will never see any good productivity in your company. Also due to meaningless hardworking your staff get tired and lose their energy and dedication. After this, either you fired them from company or they will leave company. Continuing this will harm your company.

So always keep skills of your staff update and perfect. It is also very important if you are associated with Logistics & Supply Chain Industries. Rules and Regulations for Logistics & Supply Chain Management is always going to updated and changed time to time. New techniques are also introduced time to time. So it is important for professionals & company staffs to make their knowledge and skills always update. But if you want to update skills then it will take some time and your staff has to leave their work for sometimes to join any training session. But now in these days you and your staff has not to leave work for any while. Because Ajit Kumar Mishra (CMILT) has solve this problem for all of you.

Mr. Ajit Kumar Mishra has created an online classroom "Join Study" for Logistics & Supply Chain Management". It is completely based on cloud system and allow learners to do courses as per their suitable time. It will help you and your staff to join the courses and classroom without leaving your work. The courses are created with keep in mind everything for company, staff and professionals. Courses are up to date and matches best in the industries. Courses are updated quarterly with all new skills introduced in the industries. So all courses are completely up to date all time. For more about courses and class please visit site home or go to the link for visit course details.

If you need training classes or skill development courses for your staff, feel free to make contact with me on any of the given contact details in the site. Below are the link for course details.

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