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Evolving behaviour of Industries, Business, Trade and Customers are causing many changes in ways and systems of storage and distribution centers of commodities or goods. Professionals of the related fields are always under pressure to focus on increasing efficiencies at their storage system of commodities. Behaviour of commodities market, traders and customers are always evolved and changed due to their needs and economic conditions. In order to achieve these objectives, innovation is going to be a key. Storage system of commodities and goods are also evolving itself as per its need.

Now in these days people are just thinking that Godown is a simple storage system and only using for keeping goods and Warehouse is that place where goods are kept with modern ways of securities and preventing its loss. Warehouse has all the necessary equipments and methods to keep commodities without any loss of commodities, market and economy.

This is actually evolution of storage system of commodities. Maybe it's Godown to warehouse or Storage Pits to warehouse.

Godown is for storage of goods and commodities but Warehouse is the place of business and maintenance of market not only the maintenance of just goods or commodities. Warehouse works for market and business strategies and it is also important for after sales services, sales chain and online sales.

So we can say that Godown is only a place of keeping goods or commodities but Warehouse is place and policy both for keeping goods and commodities.

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