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by Ajit Mishra - Monday, 27 March 2017, 4:17 PM
Anyone in the world

Due to big demand of students, trainees and users Join Study has launched our new moodle cloud tuition classes. This tuition classes is very easy to use but before you want to join our tuition classes you have to login our this moodle cloud tuition classes. After login and create your profile you are free to use our tuition classes. All activities in all courses accept virtual classroom are free for everyone. You have to pay only for our virtual classroom if you wish to join. The listed fees are only for virtual classes. 

   After create your login id and profile please wait for some time while we will add you to your course as per your choice. If you have any spacial choice for course please feel free to mail us or send your message to us via Live Chat. 

It is important for everyone that never upload any file here in this tuition classroom. You have to be create file on Dropbox or Google Drive then share your link here in the assignment or workshop in this classroom. We have our moodle cloud android app is also available for mobile.

  We always try to create more and more free services for our students, trainees and users. For this your support is needed. Please always share your ideas and thoughts to improve this site for free use. Please share your ideas on comments.

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