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Evolving behaviour of Industries, Business, Trade and Customers are causing many changes in ways and systems of storage and distribution centers of commodities or goods. Professionals of the related fields are always under pressure to focus on increasing efficiencies at their storage system of commodities. Behaviour of commodities market, traders and customers are always evolved and changed due to their needs and economic conditions. In order to achieve these objectives, innovation is going to be a key. Storage system of commodities and goods are also evolving itself as per its need.

Now in these days people are just thinking that Godown is a simple storage system and only using for keeping goods and Warehouse is that place where goods are kept with modern ways of securities and preventing its loss. Warehouse has all the necessary equipments and methods to keep commodities without any loss of commodities, market and economy.

This is actually evolution of storage system of commodities. Maybe it's Godown to warehouse or Storage Pits to warehouse.

Godown is for storage of goods and commodities but Warehouse is the place of business and maintenance of market not only the maintenance of just goods or commodities. Warehouse works for market and business strategies and it is also important for after sales services, sales chain and online sales.

So we can say that Godown is only a place of keeping goods or commodities but Warehouse is place and policy both for keeping goods and commodities.

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Hamma uchun

Logistics Management is the key of modern trade as it was in ancient age. System of management and ways of management is always upgrading and changing with the demand of the field of Logistics Industries. Companies are always is the demand of updated skilled managers and staff for logistics. In today’s fast running world people has very less time to spend on education and skill development but they need all knowledge regarding this. To solve these issues the concept of short skill development course become the part of needs for modern working society.

There are online and offline skill development courses has been organized by educators and training centers. Here in this topic we will discuss about online skill development short courses.

Mr. Ajit Kumar Mishra, CMILT is also providing online short skill development courses on his educational website. These short courses are updated as per modern time and very helpful for getting jobs and promotions in the field of logistics industries. There are lots of benefits of these short courses, some are listed below.

  • Increase chances of employment
  • Increase chances of promotions
  • Improve and update your skills and knowledge
  • Improve power of CV
  • Makes you perfect in your working field 
  • Increase your professional circle
  • You can finish the courses in very less amount of fees

But to join before any short skill development courses or classroom it is important that you will discuss about everything of the courses from the course providers. Course provider will help you to choose best and suitable courses for you.

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As you know that modern working society is based on professionals and experts. But it is difficult for industries and service sectors to provide jobs for every professionals. So lots of professionals from different sectors are working as a self employed person. Lots of self employed persons are earning more from those people who are employed in different companies. Self employed persons have more chances to show their talent in the related field of profession. They are their own boss but responsible for their work and commitment.
With our online skill development courses in logistics management we are supporting our students to become a self employed person. With support of our ex-students of India and abroad we have created a chain of contact of self employed logistics professionals. This chain of contact is working with each-other like a team of professional bodies. It is one of the world’s largest group of self employed logisticians. They all are working as an individual professionals and responsible for all commitments which they commit. Fulfillment of commitment is the only key of success for all of us in this self employed group. This group is working on the contract of work-liaising basis between professionals.
All the self employed professionals in this group are trained from our online courses. At present they are working in few parts of India and world. Lots of parts in India and world are far from the reach of our self employed logistics professionals. We have to fulfill these vacant parts and empowered our students as a self employed logistics professionals.
Online courses by us make you update and perfect in the field of logistics. These courses will makes you a logistician with all the necessary skills. These skills will make you a self employed logistics professionals with the support of our group of self employed professionals.
So never miss a chance to become a self employed logistics professionals. To fulfill your dream join our online courses.

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It is really best news for us that lots of companies are providing cloud file storage and publishing systems to its users. These cloud storage and publishing systems are very useful for students and teachers to arrange and participate in online courses. It make easy access to course materials and discussion. Study materials are stored in the cloud system of every students and teachers which will help them to use and learn as per their favorable time and ways. For online courses and training classes I am using,

  • Google drive
  • Dropbox
  • Moodlecloud

I am using all these three cloud services for my online courses and training program for Logistics Management. Our courses of skill development for Logistics and Supply Chain Management is working on Moodlecloud with collaboration of Google drive and Dropbox. These Cloud system makes easy access for every materials and discussion papers to students. Students can join the courses and classes easily and access it any suitable time for them. as you know that only Moodlecloud can charge some extra money and other are free for limited use. Due to this reason I can able to available my courses in very less price for students. So my skill development courses for Logistics Management is available on Moodlecloud platform with very less price and easily accessible for students.

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A good result or productivity comes not only through hard working but it comes through smart working. In smart work you can say it is a balance of hard and soft work. It means if you and your staff will work together with a perfect skill, perfect time and will do your hard work for a definite goal sure you, your team and your staff will finish it with a great success and make a productive result for your company. These quick productive results will save your time and money both. These types of success chain makes your company more productive and also makes your staff member happy and energetic. You can use this energy of your staff in another project smartly and again get a good successful productive result. It will again improves productivity of your company and result makes happy & energetic to your staff. Again your staff will be ready for another project. This stepwise success of your staff will create a chain of success for your staff and chain of productivity of your company.

On other hand if your staff are not skilled with proper and updated skills then their work are useless. If your unskilled or improper skilled staff will work hard then they get most of the part result and your every project will lose success barriers. It means you will never see any good productivity in your company. Also due to meaningless hardworking your staff get tired and lose their energy and dedication. After this, either you fired them from company or they will leave company. Continuing this will harm your company.

So always keep skills of your staff update and perfect. It is also very important if you are associated with Logistics & Supply Chain Industries. Rules and Regulations for Logistics & Supply Chain Management is always going to updated and changed time to time. New techniques are also introduced time to time. So it is important for professionals & company staffs to make their knowledge and skills always update. But if you want to update skills then it will take some time and your staff has to leave their work for sometimes to join any training session. But now in these days you and your staff has not to leave work for any while. Because Ajit Kumar Mishra (CMILT) has solve this problem for all of you.

Mr. Ajit Kumar Mishra has created an online classroom "Join Study" for Logistics & Supply Chain Management". It is completely based on cloud system and allow learners to do courses as per their suitable time. It will help you and your staff to join the courses and classroom without leaving your work. The courses are created with keep in mind everything for company, staff and professionals. Courses are up to date and matches best in the industries. Courses are updated quarterly with all new skills introduced in the industries. So all courses are completely up to date all time. For more about courses and class please visit site home or go to the link for visit course details.

If you need training classes or skill development courses for your staff, feel free to make contact with me on any of the given contact details in the site. Below are the link for course details.

Skill Development Courses
Basic Training Courses
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Due to heavy demand of our students we are again organizing online skill development training program for warehousing and inventory management. This training is suitable for those professionals and staff members who are working in the field of logistics, transport and warehousing industries. In this training program we will provide following educational activities.

  • Online live classes 1 hour each day for 10 days.
  • Study materials in the PDF form.
  • Case study
  • Latest updates regarding this topic. 

If person or group of staff wants to join this training program please submit the form given via link below. Once your application form is accepted you have to pay the required fees for the training program after receiving the required fees you will be able to join this training program. 

Application Form

Important:- Fees are non refundable and not managed with any other courses, classes or training program.

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