Online Certificate Course in Logistics Management is a popular course provided by us. This course provides professional skills and clear concept about Logistics Management. Many of our skilled students and professionals are working with many firms and some of them are also working as Logistics Professionals. Below are the details about this course.

This course is for students and professionals of every parts of world. Anyone from any nation can join this course.


  • Basics Of Logistics Management
  • Freight Forwarding & Containerization
  • Documentation & Trade Terms
  • Cargo Handling and Insurance
  • Ports, Dry Ports, Airports & ICDs
  • IT & Commercial Aspects of Logistics

Course Duration:- 10 Weeks

Course Fees:- 

For students outside from India:- $250/-

For students in India:- INR 10,000/-

Process to join and finish the course:-

You have to submit the Registration Form to us. After proper checking of submitted form we will send our payment links of Paypal and Paytm details to you for payments of course fees. After receiving proper course fees we will provide you your login id and password to join the course and classroom. You have to finish the course within given course duration. All study materials, assignments, teaching videos and pdf files are already uploaded in the classroom and you can access it anytime and anywhere. You can access course as per your free time. We have also live audio- video classes once in a week at weekend for one hour. You can join this session for live discussion with us. After successful completion of course you will receive an online certificate on your email as pdf format. You have to download and print out the certificate.

Important Note:- 

There is no refund or adjustment of course fees with other courses in any condition. Your login details will provided to you after properly receiving the course fees. Your login details will work only till course period after course period your login details will be expire and you will no longer to access the course. You have to pay course fees in advance. It is your responsibility to join the live session classroom. There will be not any recovery session or re session for live classroom. Students are responsible for their internet speed, connectivity and system.