Join Study provides great learning activities in the Online Educational Classes. If you are students of BBA, MBA or Logistics & Supply Chain Management. We provide complete detail concept of subject and support you to understand the topics, subjects and finish projects. Management trainees get full skill concept and case studies regarding how to work practically. In this classroom we provide high quality concept of entire subject of logistics and supply chain management. We also support you to finish your project work and case study. Online face to face virtual classroom with online whiteboard will help you to feel like a real classroom. Beside this online face to face classroom we have weekly test and assignments to understand the topics. Classroom activities makes a proper teacher students collaboration environment.

Educational Classes are completely based on our Online Virtual Classroom. You have to pay only for Online Virtual Classes in which you want to participate.

Some Important Topic Of Educational Classes:-

-- Process & Strategies of Logistics & Supply Chain Management
-- Warehousing & Inventory
-- Multimodal & Unimodal Transport
-- Procurement
-- Lean Logistics
-- Types of Logistics
-- Containerization & Material Handling
-- Ports, Dry Ports & Shipping
-- Export & Import Process
-- MTO & Freight Forwarder
-- INCO terms & Global Rules- Regulations
-- Distribution Channels
-- Logistics Economics
-- Finance
-- Marketing
-- Operation etc.

All topics of Logistics, Supply Chain & Transport are open for study and discussion in this classroom.
Fees for Classroom

Fees for students in India:-
INR 1000/- per hour for one to one. 
INR 700/- per hour per student for a group of 4 students.

Fees for students outside India:-
$30/- per hour for one to one.
$25/- per hour per student for a group of 4 students.

Fees are accepted only in Paypal Account or in Bank Account. Fees are non refundable and never adjustable with any other classes.
Details of Bank Account and PayPal Payment Link will be send to you on your email after finalizing the tuition or training classes.
You can contact with me by any given contact details or send me a message. You are welcome to schedule a meeting with me on phone or skype.

Important:- Your entry in online educational classroom will be valid only after receiving the payments. It is important that you have to pay complete fees in advance before join any class. If you have any trouble to pay fees for classes in advance you may ask for part payment but final decision and process of part payment is decided by admin of Join Study. For any circumstances or dispute final decision of admin of Join Study will be valid in any condition.

Payment:- Fees & payments for the sessions booked needs to be deposited in advance either through PayPal or Bank Transfer with processing fees to confirm the tutoring hours.

Note:- There is no makeup session or rescheduling of confirmed schedule Sessions against cancellation or no-show.