Topics We Covered

Chapter 1: Understanding Search Engines and Digital marketing

Chapter 2: On-Page and off- page Search engine optimization

Chapter 3: Understanding Social Media and Social analytics tools

Chapter 4: Popular tools used in Digital Marketing

Chapter 5: Search engine marketing, Native advertising

Chapter 6: List of Penalties

Chapter 7: Creating Blogs

Chapter 8: Search console

Chapter 9: Analytics

Chapter 10: Affiliate Marketing

Chapter 11: Multilingual SEO

Chapter 12: How to Handle Ecommerce

Chapter 13: Email campaigns

Chapter 14: Understanding inbound Marketing and steps to mastery

Chapter 15: Important certifications in digital marketing

Chapter 16: Introduction for HubSpot

Chapter 17: Introduction for OMCP

Chapter 18: Facebook blueprint certifications

Chapter 19: Google AdWords certification process and guidelines

Chapter 20: upgradation examinations in, up work, elance and more…

Who can participate?

    • Aspiring students with a zeal to Learn and adapt quickly to the digital applications and have a business acumen

    • Should spend at least 3-4 hours per day for assignments

    • Should have desktop/laptop at home

Intake of the students will be based purely on their writing capabilities