This course is designed for those professionals and workers who are doing his job in the field of transport, shipping and logistics. This course is also useful for job seekers in this field.

How to do this course

In this course there is "class Activities for this Course". In the class activities You have to click on the Discussion File to join the discussion and Click on the PDF Book for study materials from open sources. For Case studies you have to wait for last week of the course session when cases will be open for you. For virtual class room you have to join the given platform if allowed like Skype or Hangout etc. If not allowed then you are able to join this virtual classroom by clicking on the virtual classroom. On the given topics of study you have to click on the Primary Lessons and Advance Lessons to read the lessons. You have to follow the instruction given on the Assignments and click on the link given on the instructions of the Assignments.

This course contains four topics and each topic has primary lessons and advance lessons with many chapters for reading and understanding. These lessons will make your concept clear regarding all the given topics. Each topic has its assignments which will have to be finished by students of this course and checked by teacher of the related course and topics.

Here is our Virtual Classroom where Teacher will provide one face to face online class for one hour regarding each topic. Finally you will get total four online classes for this course in a system of two online class in one week.

After this in third and last week students have to join a single session of Case Studies organized by the teacher and you have to solve a case regarding any topic. 

There is a class discussion forum is also available and students are free to discuss on any related topic with any students via this forum at the time of doing course period.

There is a announcement section where you will see all the Announcements regarding course if any.

    • This Course Contains
       Virtual Classroom
    • What you have learnt, it is not just checked by any assignments or any question answer. It is checked by your ability to solve any difficult case which is occasionally comes at the time of your working or practice. So if you are able to short out or solve the problem and difficult cases in the field then you studied real thing. In this section you have to solve some cases.

    • The given discussion topics are important for discussion. Always keep in mind that discussion makes people perfect. All the terms are available for discussion in this section. Always feel free to start any topic for discussion any related subject topics. 

    • The given PDF files and books provide all the details about the subjects and topics. You have to read this PDF Books for your basic understanding before join the Virtual Classroom with your teacher. These pdf books and files are important part of study.

      Beside these Study Materials and Study Helps below are the Lessons for given Topics are also available
  • Duration of Course:- 

    Three Weeks

    Course Fees:- 

    Students from India INR 5,000/- 

    Students outside from India $125/-

    Fees are non refundable and never adjustable with any other course or same course for next duration. Enrollment in course means students have to finish the course in due time. After due time you will be removed from course enrollment. It is your responsibility to join the online class session on proper schedule. There is no reschedule for any online classes. Internet connectivity and others issues are student's responsibility.